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FaithWalk International Back In Ariel

October 13, 2012

FaithWalk 2012

The US-based Faithwalk FaithWalk International was back in Ariel on October 13 for what has become their traditional visit to the city. David Cerjan led the group together with his mother and founder of FaithwalkFaithWalk, Patricia Cerjan, his wife Amy and his brother Tim.

The group’s visit began with a special performance by internationally acclaimed Ariel’s Folk Dancing Troupe who entertained the guests with a variety of dances including a cowboy dance, an Israeli Hora dance and traditional dances from around the globe. The group was impressed to learn about the story of Israel and Ariel through the personal experiences of the young performers and the larger nationwide narratives that they represent.

The group also received a patriotic welcome from the Ariel Senior Citizens’ Choir whose performance included a Russian-English version of “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

The groupĀ also visited the Milken Elementary School, where this year’s theme is recycling and caring for the environment. They toured the school and even got to participate in an English class. From there, the group took a brief tour of the Netzarim Community, the Lowell Milken Family Sports & Recreation Complex, Ariel University and the IDF post at Antenna Hill.

American Friends of Ariel thank FaithWalk International for their frequent visits and for their support on behalf of community projects. We look forward to hosting them again in the not too distant future.