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Run with Us in Next Year’s Bible Marathon!


Bible Marathon logo.

The first recorded marathon in history is coming back to life — right here in Ariel.

Greek legend has it that the first marathon began after the soldier Phillippiddes ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens – some 42.2 kilometers or 26.2 miles – to report the Greek victory. But did you know that the first marathon was actually in Israel?

The Israelites suffered a crushing loss in a battle against the Philistines recorded in the book of Samuel. The battle was lost, the High Priest’s sons died in battle, and the Holy Ark was captured.


Winner of this year’s Bible Marathon.

After the loss at Afek – just outside modern-day Rosh HaAyin – the text (Samuel 1 4:12) states that a mysterious ‘Man of Benjamin’ ran from the battle site to Shiloh, where the High priest sat…some 42.2 kilometers!

The first Bible Marathon, begun by just 5-10 men passionate about history and the region, only ran from 1969-1972 — but it was revived in 2015. Click here to see photos from the Bible Marathon’s stop in Ariel this year.

Ariel is proud to be a link in the story of the first Bible Marathon – a stop halfway between the hi-tech parks of Afek, where the battle raged and the first marathon began, to the seat of Israel’s Biblical past in Shiloh.

And next year, American Friends of whatsapp-image-2016-10-26-at-11-10-01-amAriel invites you to Step Into the Story.

Run with us along the first marathon ever recorded – and become a link in history.

Step back in time and see the transformation. Afek has blossomed into the ultimate Israel Start-Up site — over the sites which mark ancient Jewish and Israeli history — and Shiloh is the modern-day fulfillment of Biblical prophecy as the Jewish people once again return to Shiloh, the site of the Tabernacles.

Run with us as we see Israel move not toward loss, but toward victory – toward a positive and bright future.

And follow us through Ariel, Israel’s link in the chain – the modern-day capital of Samaria and the answer to Israel’s present and future.