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Ariel University Victorious Over Boycott Movement

Ariel University’s architecture students were excited to reach the global finals for the world’s most environmentally friendly home. While working to complete the construction of the “Abraham’s Tent” project they were caught by surprise when notified by the Spanish government that they could no longer compete, due to the University’s location east of the Green Line. The University responded to the baseless disqualification with a law suit, in the Spanish courts. Ariel University won the case, was awarded compensation and proved, on the international stage, that Ariel’s academic excellence is not to be boycotted.

i24 News: Defeat for the Anti-Israeli Boycott Movement (BDS)

i24 News: Israel scored a moral victory over the BDS movementSpain awards Ariel University 70,000 Euros compensation for wrongful expulsion of student team from an international architectural competition.

Posted by ‎אוניברסיטת אריאל‎ on Thursday, January 7, 2016