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Ariel Lights Up the Mountains of Samaria


Familiar with the growing anticipation that animates the drive from Tel Aviv to Ariel? Can you picture the rolling hills alongside and beneath the Trans-Samaria Highway as you inch closer towards your destination, nestled quietly between the shoulders of the magnificent mountains? Indeed, a trip to Ariel is always a special treat. Now, in honor of the Chanukah holiday, it’s even more special than before…

Just look to the north and to the south during the eight nights of Chanukah and you will see “Ariel” in brightly lit letters. Mountain slopes along the Ariel Industrial Park, opposite Ariel’s laizer3residential neighborhoods and across the city’s spectacular lookouts will be decorated with the lights of Chanukah. It’s a one-of-a-kind laser light show which includes images of menorahs, Ariel’s city symbol and, of course, dreidels (traditional toy spinning tops). It’s Ariel’s way of sharing the miracle of Chanukah with our neighbors, our friends and our visitors.


So, as you make your way to Ariel this Chanukah don’t miss the laser lights that we’ve addressed to our spectators. The underlying message is spelled out very clearly: “Light of Love, from Ariel”.