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A Salute to Education in Ariel

DSCF1140On June 11, a special evening honoring Ariel’s educators was held at the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts. The hall was filled with educators and staff from all of Ariel’s educational institutions. The evening began with delightful performances by two young pianists and later, Ort Junior High’s “Musicals” graced the stage with some well-known Israeli songs.

Ilana Nulman, Director of Education in Ariel, acted as the evening’s MC. “This night is for you,” she announced to the city’s educators. “Your dedication and uncompromising efforts affect every household in Ariel. Through your work, you touch thousands of children and influence not only their present day lives but also their future. You affect their self-worth, their confidence in their abilities, their accomplishments and successes. For this – and for so much more that you give and that you do – tonight, we thank you.”

Ariel Mayor, Eli Shaviro, greeted the audience warmly. “Being here at a Salute to Education in Ariel is a very great pleasure for me” he said. “Looking out at all of you here or when I see you in your pedagogical milieu, performing the tasks so critical to our future, I know I have a real team to go forward and take the journey with me, a challenging and exciting journey through which we will turn Ariel into Israel’s educational “Petri dish”. This is a complex task and the path is fraught with pitfalls but I believe in you and in your abilities and talents and together, I am confident we will succeed.”

During the evening, prizes and gifts were awarded to 7 excellent educators:

  • Kayla Toren – Arazim Religious Kindergarten
  • Marva Rosenthal – Ohr Zvulun Religious Elementary School
  • Yelena Helbrun – Nachshonim Elementary School
  • Sophie Mishlovsky – Bernard Milken Elementary School
  • Aliza Shmuely – Aliza Begin Elementary School
  • Leah Zamir – Ort Junior High School
  • Mirit Matalon – Ort High School

DSCF1198.Ilana Nulman also expressed thanks to Lowell Milken whose generosity has fostered excellence in education throughout the United States and in Ariel. Avi Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Ariel Development Fund, pointed out that this year, Mr. Milken who established this program for outstanding educators in Ariel, was involved in planning the evening. At his suggestion, short films on each of the excellent educators were shown and a lovely statue-like award was presented to each excellent educator along with their gift.

In her closing remarks, Ilana spoke of the city leadership’s belief in the importance of quality human capital, beginning with educators. “We believe that Excellence in Education means realizing the potential of each and every student. We will endeavor to instill in our students confidence in their abilities and the ambition to be the best they can be, both for themselves and for the community in which they live.”

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