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Danes Satisfy Intellectual Curiosity at Ariel

November 10, 2013


Ariel had the pleasure of hosting a group of Danish professionals on November 10 who came to deepen their understanding of Ariel and the role that Israeli communities beyond the Green Line play in shaping the geopolitical and economic landscape of the region. Describing their motivations for visiting Ariel as “intellectual curiosity,” the group visited the Lipsky factory at the Barkan Industrial Park, a locus of employment for Palestinians in the region, and Ariel University. At Ariel University, they learned how political bias against activity beyond the Green Line harms the advancement of life-saving research. Ariel’s partnership with a Danish academic institute was cut short upon complaints by anti-Israel groups that encourage boycotts of Israeli entities beyond the Green Line. The group asked many questions, satisfying as much curiosity that they could during the two-hour visit.