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Washington State University Students Visit Ariel

August 25, 2011

WA Students

A group of 18 college students from Washington State University dropped in on Ariel on August 25 for a close-up encounter with the city, and a fresh take on current events. It was yet another of the university’s annual visits.

The curious students were shown a number of Ariel’s accomplishments and places of interest, including the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts (ARCPA), the Ariel National Leadership Development Center (ANLDC), Ariel University Center (AUC), and the security fence. Friends of Ariel Executive Director, Avi Zimmerman, conducted the tour and fielded any and all questions the students had. The students also had the opportunity to meet and interact with Ariel’s mayor, Ron Nachman, and the Gush Katif refugees from the Netzarim community, who have made their home in Ariel.

Fortunately, the students left with an informed opinion. We look forward to another visit with a new group of students next year.