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Mission Valley Christian Fellowship

November, 2010

Pastor Leo Giovenetti led his community, which includes members from across the USA who hear his radio broadcasts, to Ariel for a day’s visit. The group enjoyed a wonderful visit throughout the city, where they met the many faces of Ariel’s diverse community. The Sheltered Workshop, the Senior Choir and the IDF Antenna Hill Post were all very enjoyable, but there was an unexpected highlight to their visit.

The group arrived at the Ariel Regional Center for the Performing Arts, where they were THE debut performance. Hours before the historic November 8th inaugural performance, the group sang the priestly blessing of peace (Numbers 6: 24-26) from the brand new seats in the theatre. After their ad hoc “performance”, the group found themselves on prime time Israeli television. Moments before they departed from Ariel, Mayor Ron Nachman had a chance to address them. He was followed all day by Channel 2 news, which filmed and aired his remarks to the group and the exciting responses from Pastor Leo and his guests.

As in the past, it was a true pleasure to host Mission Valley Christian Fellowship. Their true friendship and strong solidarity are the hallmarks of their wonderful relationship with Ariel.