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The Ariel Wine and Vine Society

The Ariel Wine and Vine Society

The Ariel Wine and Vine Society brings fine-wine enthusiasts together, not only for pleasure but for a good cause.

Ariel’s wine story became world renowned in 2012, when a team of top researchers at Ariel University (AU) embarked on a project to bring the indigenous species of Israeli grapes back to life.

Currently, Israeli wineries earn international awards by making outstanding wines with grapes of European origin. But, following the discovery by the AU team of over 70 species of indigenous Israeli grapes – discoveries supported by DNA findings from seeds at local archeological sites – AU and local viticulturists have been working together to bring back the wine from King David’s table.

The Ariel Wine and Vine Society brings awareness to this groundbreaking research and connects wine connoisseurs, friends of Ariel, and international wine collectors through programs of shared experiences in anticipation of what ancient wines are soon to be re-released.

Join us in our support of a broad historical arc, from the rich cultural and culinary heritage of Judea-Samaria to the advanced technologies and bold start-up vision of modern-day Israeli scientists.