Ron Nachman Legacy Fund

American Friends of Ariel is fully committed to memorializing the City of Ariel’s visionary, founder and longstanding mayor, Ron Nachman. The following are the lead Ron Nachman Legacy Fund projects that will serve to preserve his memory, while promising his living legacy.

Ron Nachman Memorial Site and Pioneers Museum

Just a month after Mayor Ron Nachman’s passing, American Friends of Ariel received a pledge from an anonymous donor for the creation of the Ron Nachman Memorial Site and Pioneers Museum, situated over Ron’s gravesite atop the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development. The impressive structure, now with full licensing, will adorn and overlook the phenomenal city that is Ron Nachman’s eternal legacy. The multipurpose center will feature exhibits, an archive, presentation rooms and a volunteer hall.

The Ron Nachman Prize

Thanks to the Ron Nachman Prize, Ariel’s founder will forever be an inspiration to Israel’s fine artists, performing artists, educators and community leaders. The Ron Nachman Prize will be granted on an annual basis for outstanding accomplishments in a variety of fields.

Ariel University Ron Nachman Gateway Building

The recognition of Ariel’s academic institution as Ariel University was one of Ron Nachman closing accomplishments. The university’s newest structure, the Gateway Building, connects the upper and lower campuses.