Ariel Medical Center

Ariel is the regional hub for 20,000 local residents, 15,000 university students, and tens of thousands more living in the neighboring communities. Ariel’s growing population has increased the need for a medical center. While Ariel is served by national healthcare clinics, the nearest hospital is a half-hour drive away; residents are required to travel outside of Ariel for medical services, laboratory work, and after-hour/emergency treatment.

The Ariel Medical Center will be centered at the new Clinics Pavilion on the campus of Ariel University which currently provides clinical services to the general population of the City of Ariel and its surrounding communities, as well as to students and faculty. These clinics, which operate in cooperation with all four Israeli HMOs, are currently situated in makeshift facilities scattered throughout the campus. Because of limited space, the university is planning to build a new Clinics Pavilion on campus, which will provide medical services to these populations who currently must travel long distances to avail themselves of medical and other services.

The Clinics Pavilion will house facilities for emergency medicine, dentistry, communication disorders and speech therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and psychological counseling, as well as a pharmacy and daycare center for children with special needs. It will be part of the Health and Medical Sciences triplex which will also include a Pre-Med Pavilion (future medical school) and the Health Sciences Pavilion. The Ministry of Health and the Council of Higher Education have both endorsed the building of the Clinics Pavilion.

The clinics are run by highly-qualified professionals who are firm believers in providing the highest standard of medical care to patients by applying interdisciplinary and holistic approaches. Beyond the services they provide under the auspices of Ariel University, the clinics also provide an educational platform for students and researchers from various departments of the university to receive on-site training and learn how to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations. This forum encourages hands-on teaching modalities that are designed to enhance students’ knowledge and skills, ultimately resulting in better patient care.

The clinics have forged partnerships with many groups in the region, including the Ariel school system, in order to ensure accessible treatment to the public. In addition to the services provided, the clinics offer patients and their families tools to cope with their situations by sponsoring lectures, workshops and meetings on topics of relevance. 

Philanthropic opportunities and naming rights are available for the score of facilities that are required to complete the Clinics Pavilion. Please contact American Friends of Ariel for a more detailed proposal at