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Corona Care Kits


Friends of Ariel want to send a message of support and encouragement to our residents during this difficult time. We are in this together, going through this together, and will come out of this together.

Thousands of Corona Care Kits will be sent out to the children of Ariel to help them and their families work through some of the challenges they are facing. But we need your help!

Residents of Ariel are confined to their homes. No one is supposed to leave their house except for absolute necessities – such as the grocery store and pharmacy.

Kids no longer have school and even the online learning programs have been cancelled for elementary schools.

Many adults have either been laid off or need to work from home while at the same time, trying to take care of their children. Nobody knows what the next step will be or when it will happen. Nobody knows when this will be over. The uncertainty is extremely difficult.

How can you help? Sponsor a care kit and show the kids of Ariel that you’re thinking of them!

Register the amount of care kits you want to provide on the form below.