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Security & Emergency Services News

Israel Firefighters at the Leadership Center

A letter from the station commander to the director of the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development perfectly expresses what the Center is about.

Homefront Hospitality

As Hamas terrorists fired vast numbers of missiles at Israeli communities, the leadership of Ariel, that has remained relatively untouched during this operation, sought ways to help weaker communities. There is no doubt that Israel’s southern cities and towns are getting the worst of it and so, Mayor Eli Shaviro and the city council decided to open Ariel to the children of the south.

Swedish Delegation Visit Ariel’s Firefighter Station

A delegation of Swedish pro-Israel parliamentarians and political activists visited Ariel on February 12, 2014 to express support for and learn more about the game-changing city, especially as anti-Israel sentiment grows in Scandinavia.