Youth Development

Ariel is dedicated to providing its teens with meaningful activities that allow them to realize their full potential and to prepare them for leadership roles both in the city and beyond.

Funding Opportunities

Based on the North American model of outdoor training (ODT), the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development combines challenge activities (extreme sports), leadership workshops and programs, as the basis for group enhancement and personal empowerment. By undergoing challenging obstacle courses, groups foster teamwork, problem solving, communication skills and social management.

The Ariel Warm Home is a multi-dimensional community enrichment center, which provides teenagers and families with new opportunities to succeed in life.

“Tee Up for Teens” is aimed to cultivate the latent talents of Ariel’s youth through the operation, maintenance, and marketing of Ariel’s own miniature golf course. Intended both for the general public and the youth of Ariel, the miniature golf course, along with its adjacent clubhouse, provides a place where youth can tee up for success through a recreational and social business enterprise.

The Oraita Club is a clubhouse for teens based on Jewish values. Oraita provides the teenage boys of Ariel a productive and safe after-school environment, where they can study, volunteer and enrich themselves with extracurricular activities and informal education programs.

The Young Adults Center will be a bustling hot spot, providing for Ariel’s young adults who will, in turn, contribute to the growing success of the entire city.