Emergency Services

As the hub of Samaria and the largest bloc of Israeli settlement in the region, Ariel is the regional way station and headquarters for emergency personnel, including firefighters and police.

Funding Opportunities

Provide a grant for Ariel’s newest batch of soldiers.

Ariel always seeks to take good care of IDF soldiers and veterans. The local Association for the Well-Being of Israeli Soldiers (Agudah L’Ma’an Ha’Chayal), with the help of volunteers of all ages, runs the IDF Comfort Corner, providing soldiers with hot drinks, snacks, and newspapers so that they are well cared for, especially as they wait for the bus to take them to the base.

Magen David Adom, the Israeli ambulance service, operates its regional hub in Ariel. With new volunteers and additional ambulances, the local headquarters has recently been expanded and requires new furnishings.

Ariel’s firefighters serve both the region and the entire land of Israel. With Israel’s shortage of firefighters, Ariel’s team is ready to be dispatched anywhere in the country to assist their comrades in combatting any fire, big or small. The Ariel Firefighters station continually requires new equipment to meet the needs of the community and remain at the top of their heroic profession.

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