Health & Medicine

Funding Opportunities

Ariel is the regional hub for 20,000 local residents, 15,000 university students, and tens of thousands more living in the neighboring communities. While Ariel is served by national healthcare clinics, the nearest hospital is a half-hour drive away; residents are required to travel outside of Ariel for medical services, laboratory work, and after-hour/emergency treatment. The Ariel University Clinics Pavilion provides the optimal solution to the region’s need for an advanced medical center.

The Ariel Sports and Recreation Complex was opened in 2008. Facilities include tennis courts, an aquatic center, a full-service fitness center, Jacuzzi and sauna, and a wide-range of activates for all ages.  The center serves as a social hub for its 5,000 members, residents and students alike.

Magen David Adom, the Israeli ambulance service, operates its regional hub in Ariel. With new volunteers and additional ambulances, the local headquarters has recently been expanded and requires new furnishings.