Art & Culture

Funding Opportunities

The Ariel Regional Center for Performing Arts provides convenient access to the best in Israeli theater, music, dance and the fine arts for the residents of Ariel and surrounding communities.

Twenty years ago, Dora Litvak transformed the cultural landscape of Ariel by founding the Ariel Dance Troupe. What started out as a hobby turned into one of Ariel’s most beloved cultural institutions.

As a city that sees art as the foremost tool for personal and communal enrichment and empowerment, Ariel aspires to give its children the best in arts education.


Twenty years ago, at the height of the aliyah surge from the former Soviet Union, a group of new olim formed “Song of the Heart” senior choir, inspired by their love of music.

Periodically, the City of Ariel hosts and organizes fairs and outdoor cultural activities that unite the community and provide enjoyable, interactive and educational outlets for children, families, and seniors. These include concerts, plays, and arts & crafts.